Jet/Vac Cleaning
Whether it’s an unsightly sewer overflow or a surcharging storm sewer during flooding conditions, Pipe-Eye’s crews rapidly respond with reliable equipment and experienced personnel to restore your infrastructure to normal working conditions. From small diameter process lines to large diameter storm sewers, our fleet of cleaning equipment can scour pipelines and penetrate stubborn obstructions. Debris is then vacuumed and transported to a proper disposal site.

With a wide variety of specialized nozzles and heavy duty cutting tools combined with volumes of up to 125 gallons per minute at 2500 pounds per square inch, our equipment can penetrate heavy debris, grease, scale, and roots. Limited access? No problem, we can respond with tracked mobile easement equipment. 
Our cleaning services include: sewer laterals, sewer mains, storm sewers, process lines, manholes, duct work, digesters, aeration tanks, septic tanks, pump stations, wet wells, floor drains, catch basins, separators, and more!
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